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To love others better, love yourself first

Self-love is a choice.
Self-love is nurturance.
Self-love is essential to self-care.
Self-love is foundational to thriving.
Self-love is the pathway to loving others.
Self-love is the answer to a more satisfying, fulfilling, and meaningful life and career.

Five Ways to Cultivate Self-Love:

1️⃣ When making a mistake use curiosity instead of judgment or self-beat-up. As soon as you realize the mistake, ask yourself: “what could I have done differently to prevent this,” “how could I consider this mistake a gift or an opportunity,” “what can I learn from this mistake,” “how is this mistake making me better at what I do?”

2️⃣ When frustrated, overwhelmed, or burned out, be mindful of the words you use towards yourself and how they affect your overall well-being. Words – negative or positive – have power; they will lift you or tear you down.

3️⃣ Practice grace, acceptance, affirmation, forgiveness, empathy, and kindness often. As you grow in these, your capacity to understand and love others will increase too.

4️⃣ Be tender to yourself. Set boundaries. Take breaks throughout the day. Notice your emotions. Track any tension in your body. Give yourself permission to take full, deep breaths, ask for help, and say “no.”

5️⃣ Picture yourself as a little child. If you can’t remember, find a photo of when you were 5-7 years. Spend time looking at that precious human being. Be mesmerized by his/her eyes, smile, hair, hands… Remember … that little child is YOU, treat him/her with abundant love, respect, tenderness, admiration, and appreciation.