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The Overuse of Words

I tend to overuse words or use them without really knowing what they mean to me. I also notice that my coaching clients do the same. Words like “good,” “ok,” or “support” without a deeper dive or consideration don’t really help paint the picture.

As a life and career coach, I do my own personal growth work. In today’s coaching supervision my coach shared a beautiful example of how words not only have power but mean different things to people; they have a purpose.

For example, the word “support” could translate into needing to be helped, heard, or hugged. The clearer with are with our words and what they mean to us, the better we can set up expectations, communicate, and relate to others.

So today, let’s practice having more clarity about the words we use, and their purpose so we can become more satisfied and fulfilled. Start with the word “support.” Today, what resonates most with you when it comes to needing “support”? Choose one and add it to the comments. Let’s have a little fun.

  1. Being Helped
  2. Being Heard
  3. Being Hugged