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Break Through Barriers. Unleash Your Potential. Increase Your Impact.

Awaken Your Purpose!

When you face challenges, how do you react? Do you scream, stomp around, punch something, and complain to others, or do you get quiet, internalize it, and feel like you’re a failure?

Instead, how would it feel to know exactly what to do and how to do it? To stay calm and know that you have a clear purpose and method to take you through it.

What if you knew, at your core, that the imperfect human being you are and what you face is a gift meant for you? Clara Lucia supports people just like you to Awaken Your Purpose. Discover the gift in your circumstance, shift your perspective, and transform your life, your work, and who you are inside, in a way that is meaningful to you.

Life is hard and challenges can be threatening, but you only live this life once, and you can learn how to overcome them, lean into them, be resilient, and become who you were meant to be.

With Clara Lucia’s help, Awakening Your Purpose is easier to accomplish than you might believe. She speaks in such a clear, empathetic, and empowering way that what she says will tug at your heart.

Are you ready to stop letting fear control you and activate your mindset? Are you ready to face a lifetime of possibilities despite the challenges? Everything in your life is connected to the power of purpose, your purpose.

Awaken Purpose

Are you ready to bring change, renew your commitment to what matters, and drive success in a new, fresh, and collaborative way?


Let Clara Lucia be an agent of hope, to encourage your audience, and help them see possibilities where before there were roadblocks.


Clara Lucia  sees you as whole and complete instead of broken and embraces you as the beautiful and imperfect human being that you are.


Clara Lucia is a proud contributing author to the WordPOWER Series.

Her book is titled: “Purpose.”