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“Clara delivered a great presentation about discovering your why and recommitting back to our purpose. After a long few year, we all needed the reminder to pause and reflect on the purpose and meaning behind our work. This not only encouraged our group but also allowed them to reflect on their “why,” which impacts both their professional and personal lives. Many plans are to use this information to practice mindfulness, entertain positive thoughts, and remove soft addictions when possible. Clara was such a joy to work with and was so patient with us while we explained all of the unique pieces of working with a state agency.”

-Julia Brunnemer, SNAP-Ed Coordinator

“You’re authentic, engaging, uplifting, and motivating! These are just a few words I would use to describe Clara Lucia’s presentation style. She offered a three-part series on how to grow your business through purpose. We learned how to use our “why” to drive our sales interactions, find client-ready investors, and develop a sales mindset. I appreciate that Clara Lucia provided content based on research and introduced opportunities for the participants to interact with the theory.”

-Tricia Fucilero, Workshop Participant.

“Clara continues to provide me with relevant information and guidance completely tailored to my individual needs and overall journey on being a more effective leader and stronger asset for my organization. She’s charting a course of self-discovery and growth that is allowing me to realize my ideal-self and greatest potential.”

-Jason M. Career Client.

“I am so sorry that I missed meeting you and being there live for your presentation. I have heard so many positive comments from attendees and it is clear that you made a huge impact! Thank you for presenting with such an open heart and with vulnerability!”

-Jen Moss, RD SNAP-Ed Program Manager

“Clara Lucia’s Awaken Purpose Experience re-awakened a part of me that I have been putting aside. I’ve been neglecting my “why,” my yearning to live my purpose. This morning, I woke up energized for the first time in a long time. Thank you, Clara Lucia, for being the “thriving” presence that ripples out and touches other folks’ lives; you certainly touched mine.”

-M.S., Awaken Purpose Participant

“If you are a brand looking for ways to rejuvenate your business, re-brand, create messaging, re-energize, and get your business ready for the future she is the person for the job. We hired Clara because she is knowledgeable, personable, a great communicator, leader, and coach – an all-around kind person who gets to know you and your business on a personal level so you can be true collaborating partners.”

-Angie Snyder, Executive Director, Opus Peace

“There is no one like my Life Coach. She is the most effective coach supporting people to gain clarity for their personal journey and calling. Clara helped me to draw out my purpose and set up a strategic plan to go after my vision. My confidence increased and I am now equipped to follow my dreams.”

-Donna Iwicky, Social Justice Advocate, Intentional Leader, Motivator, Exceptional Listener, and Community Builder

“Clara is a gifted coach, who believes in her clients as they expand into new ways of being and start to believe in themselves. I recommend Clara as a coach because she is committed to supporting individuals and organizations to reach their potential.”

-Margaret Dunlap, Coaching Colleague

“I have experienced resounding changes on how I face and approach problems and challenges as well as my very own needs and wellbeing since I started my work with Coach Clara.”

-Quincy Worthington, Lead Pastor

“Clara has been an exceptional coach for me. Her smart organization, provocative questions, and intuitive listening helped me with some major breakthroughs. She carefully supported some much-needed courage and accountability in my life.”

-David Blasher, Lawyer, Actor, Artist, Musician

“After two months of working with Clara, I quit my previous job and got a new position more aligned to my professional goals, significantly less stress, and a substantial pay increase. We recently looked back at some of the recordings of our earliest sessions, and I don’t recognize that girl anymore.”

-Lidye-Claire Brown, Technical Account Manager

“With Clara’s help, I’m moving from feeling stuck to feeling hopeful. I’m becoming authentic and standing up for myself in my personal relationships, which gives me energy to refocus on my career.”

-Coaching Client