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When you choose to Awaken Your Purpose, you embrace hope, stop letting fear control you, and live with more empathy, meaning, and fulfillment. Are you ready to bring change, renew your commitment to what matters, and drive success in a new, fresh, and collaborative way?

Within her coaching structure, Clara Lucia delivers everything you need to Awaken Your Purpose, to harness the power of living with purpose, and to reap the benefits. This will take you from a survival and reactive mode, and being overcome by your emotions, into a place of self-awareness and consciousness. Paired with learning how to activate a positive mindset and increase your emotional regulation, you will begin to experiment, take more risks, break through limiting beliefs, and be eager to embrace the in between, the unknown, the messy, and the “here and now.”

Clara Lucia (which means clear light) will help you understand and break through the barriers that hold you back and create unnecessary fear and hopelessness. As a lifelong student of human development and social emotional intelligence, Clara Lucia has devoted thousands of hours learning, understanding, and developing the methods that will bring you fulfillment, joy, and a renewed zest for life.

If you want more from life, if you are in the midst of hardship, in transition, are living life on autopilot, are burned out, frustrated, or dissatisfied, we’re glad you’re here.

Let Clara Lucia help you re-ignite your hope and confidence. As your ally, she will show you how to honor and embrace the pain, the uncomfortable, and what’s challenging, so you can pivot into opportunities and what’s possible.

Individuals Who Awaken Their Purpose:

  • Live healthier, happier, and longer lives.
  • Fulfill their destinies.
  • Find more meaning.
  • Make a difference to themselves and others.
  • Succeed at a faster pace.
  • Develop a stronger immune system.
  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by more than half.
  • Repair their DNA.
  • Have less depression.
  • Have more energy, more resilience, and are more satisfied.
  • Are less likely to become exhausted and burn out.
  • Are more focused and tend to thrive.
  • Delegate better.
  • Cultivate grit.
  • Use their resources of time, money, and energy more effectively.
  • Are more productive.

Organizations That Awaken Their Purpose:

  • Set themselves apart from the competition.
  • Develop a stronger brand and cultivate a better work environment.
  • Turn customers into brand evangelists and employees into ambassadors.
  • Do better financially.
  • Have more engaged employees who also report better health outcomes.
  • Reduce turnover rates. 
  • Achieve higher levels of workplace satisfaction.