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Clara Lucia is a proud contributing author to the WordPOWER Series. Her book is titled: “Purpose.”

The WordPOWER Book Series highlights the power words truly have. Everyone has a story and everyone has words that have impacted their lives.

WordPOWER, an initiative by Fig Factor Media, brings together 12 authors and 12 powerful words to create 12 meaningful books. Each book is compiled of short anecdotes, personal messages, quotes, and unique thoughts that represent each WORD. Through this series you will see each word in the creative light of the author.

I selected the word purpose because it changed my perspective on life, especially my personal and work relationships. My purpose is to come alongside people, support them in their development, and in many cases have visions for themselves that sometimes they don’t even know they’re capable of having. 
In this journey, I realized that one danger that derails purpose is being on “autopilot.” Have you seen movies of zombies? What do zombies do? They go back and forth, and there’s a wall, and they knock their heads on the wall, but nothing happens. Life can change in an instant. So, my question to you, and what I present as a guided invitation in my book, is when are you going to pause and think about what’s most important to you? When are you going to start living out your purpose and finding out what is it that you know makes your soul be on fire?

Clara Lucia is a featured in The Hispanic Stars Rising IV. Her story is titled Coming Full Circle, a Journey of Self-Love and Transformation

The Hispanic Stars Rising series has featured over 270 inspiring stories of Hispanic Stars nationwide. Hispanic Star Rising Volume IV will be an assembly of energizing stories from a diverse set of role-model Hispanic Stars.