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Nothing is more important to Clara Lucia than making a difference in the lives of others.

Speaking, whether to a small group or as a keynote speaker, provides her the opportunity to be an agent of hope, to encourage others, and help them see possibilities where before there were roadblocks.

While Clara Lucia can customize a speech, she has talks already prepared for the following topics…

The Power of Purpose.

Your purpose is deeply ingrained into who you are. It gives you grit and a way of living. Learnabout the Neuroscience behind purpose and how to use it to harness the growth mindset and live a life of impact and purpose, one that energizes you and is more satisfying. Rediscover your curiosity, share your wisdom, explore critical thinking, build your confidence, and learn how to live the life you desire in this powerful talk from Clara Lucia.

Take with you an understanding of why it’s critical to embrace your unique story to become more effective, efficient, and satisfied and the steps you should follow to get there.

Importance of Loving Yourself.

With this talk from Clara Lucia, learn why loving yourself is critical, not only personally, but professionally, too. She will share how to embrace who you really are, to reconnect with your inner essence, and how, through empathy, respect, and kindness, you can impact the world around you.

Plan to walk away understanding how self-love affects motivation, commitment, relationships, and results at work and at home. You will also be given tools to help you begin the journey to a positive mindset and loving yourself again.

Why Social Emotional Intelligence is Key.

Social emotional intelligence isn’t just for scientists. In this talk, Clara Lucia explains how social emotional intelligence translates into being more attuned to yourself and those around you so you can be a better influence and leader. It also helps you to navigate life more easily and effectively. She also shares how science has shown we can be in charge of our happiness, choices, more positive thoughts, intentional behaviors, and more empowering beliefs.

Walk away with a clear plan to rekindle the relationship with yourself and become the true architect of your life and career.

Awaken Your Purpose.

An Awaken Purpose Series is also available and is comprised of four, 60-minute sessions.

It is recommended that participants attend the three sessions as they build upon each other. Those who approach this material with an open and curious mind, a vulnerable heart, and a desire to learn and grow will start experiencing transformational changes toward boosting performance, improving well-being, and strengthening relationships.

  • Session #1: Rediscover Your Tue Self to Live, Love, and Lead with Greater Intention and Purpose.
  • Session #2: Activate Your Mindset: Master the Art of Mind Control, Because YOU are the Boss, Not Your Brain!
  • Session #3: Move From Drama to Delight: Create Fulfilling Relationships for Our Mental and Emotional Well-Being.
  • Session #4: Be More Human and Improve Your Productivity and Performance.
  • A coaching component is available as an add-on.