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Making and Celebrating Mistakes

A recent survey by the social network Linkagoal found that fear of failure plagued 31% of 1,083 adult respondents — a larger percentage than those who feared spiders (30%), being home alone (9%), or even the paranormal (15%).

Making mistakes is part of our humanity. But fear of making mistakes and failure hurts our lives and careers. It prevents us from taking risks and pursuing our dreams. It can also lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

I have discovered a new and more positive way to overcome the fear of mistakes and failure by reframing my thinking about these as gifts and opportunities for growth.

“Befriending mistakes” has given me the gift of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-improvement. It has also opened me to face mistakes with more curiosity than judgment.

My coaching clients are also learning to “befriend their mistakes.” By doing so they have seen:

1) Increased compassion towards themselves and others. 😌
2) Increased creativity and innovation. 💡
3) Increased productivity and fulfillment. 😁

Through my Breaking Through Coaching methodology, I support my clients to rethink and revamp their relationship with mistakes and “failure” so they can live and work with more accountability, peace, effectiveness, and joy. You can also start breaking through your limiting relationship with failure and mistakes.